Public Art

Erika Strecker at McConnell Springs

Taking Flight


"When I was working on the design for "Taking Flight," I kept migrating to the wonderful diversity of birds that we have in Kentucky and the bird sounds and sights at McConnell Springs.  since McConnell Springs is the birthplace of Lexington, flight and the beginning moments of flight felt like a fitting metaphor.  I wanted to design and build something with uplifting connotations both physically and metaphorically.  I tried to capture the moment, when hiking through a meadow, that one may come upon birds and flush them up into the sky.  I think that is a universal experience in nature.  An experience that the early settlers of Lexington had and one that current Lexingtonians experience as well.  I want my piece to speak of surprise, hope and potential.  My piece also references our indigenous Kentucky Cane.  We wanted a piece of sculpture that could work in harmony with this lovely natural setting.  Something that did not overpower the space.  Something that would add interest through all seasons of the year."

Erika Strecker