Public Art

Balancing Act

November 1, 2008 - April 30, 2009


Balancing Act brings contemporary public art to the streets of downtown Lexington, Kentucky, providing a walking tour of sculptures along Vine Street.  This exhibit intends to spark artistic insight about how our community finds balance in the areas of growth, creativity and culture.

Balance is something humans desire and rarely achieve without great effort.  Achieving balance requires tension and a sense that, once realized, it exists in a precarious state all to easily compromised.

Sculptors are keenly aware of balance from both an aesthetic and engineering perspective.  LexArts invited sculptors to submit work for Balancing Act as a way to interject artistic considerations into recent discussions regarding the future of Lexington.

How do we balance protecting all that we value while continuing to grow as a community?

Click here to download the Balancing Act brochure and walking map.

Balancing Act Artists


James Wade
Prairie Stacks
98"H x 23"W x 24.75"D
Painted Steel

Sponsored by LFUCG

Michael Russell
Ribbon of Steel #8 "Reflection"
110"H x 74"W x 48"D

Sponsored by the Lexington Center Corporation

James Wade
Member Co-op 42-75
42.75"H x 8.25"W x 8.25"D
Painted Steel

Sponsored by Langley Properties & Central Bank

Tony Higdon
The Sum of its Parts
15'H x 2'W x 2'D
Painted Steel

Sponsored by Lexington Downtown Development Authority

Jonathan Auger
Who We Are Or Want To Be
132"H x 72"W x 72"D

Sponsored by Webb Companies

Geoff Smith
Dancing Champion
18"H x 24"W x 8"D
Bronze with Patina

Sponsored by Renee Jackson

Erika Strecker
15'H x 4'W x 3'D
Fabricated Steel, Automotive Paint


Esther Randall
Welded Capriccio: Klee's Eye
58"H x 88"W x 27"D
Assemblage from Found Objects

Sponsored by the Downtown Lexington Corporation

Samuel E. Burns
Relationships of Points
83"H x 36"W x 42"D
Brushed Steel

Sponsored by First Federal Bank

Dave Caudill
The Balance of Dreams and Plans
15'H x 4'W x 9'D
Stainless Steel

Sponsored by LFUCG